Soapwalla Almond Citrus Body Oil

On the bottle it is mentioned that it is a body oil, but oooopsss – I used it on my face! THIS OIL IS A GAME CHANGER!! Believe me, I don’t usually use caps lock but when I do, I really really mean it. Soapwalla’s almond citrus body oil is vegan, made with natural ingredients, and has everything good in it.

Pros and only pros:

  • Despite having a very oily and acne prone skin, I dared to apply this oil on my skin and the effects were seen instantly
  • Skin absorbs the oil very quickly
  • I use it overnight and wake up with a brighter and glowing skin
  • Believe it or not, my scars and blemishes have started to vanish
  • My dark circles have reduced
  • Pimples have stopped appearing
  • Smells like almonds and citrus
  • Just a little is plenty
  • Works under makeup
  • Does not make your skin oilFind them on Instagram to check out their other products: @soapwalla

June Jacobs Mandarin Moisture Mask

Masks are a fad or a must? I would say both. There are many kinds of masks and what I love of all are the gel masks. June Jacobs Mandarin Moisture Mask is my answer for after-sun cooling mask.


  • Extremely cooling moisturizing mask
  • Works well after sun burns
  • Works well for dry skin
  • Smells oh-so-zesty; I love it
  • Easy to apply – spreads evenly when applied with fingers
  • Less than 15 minutes mask
  • I used it everyday for a week and observed a beautiful glow on my skin


  • Packaging could have been better as I do not like dipping hands in bottles to get some product; I am scared it will contaminate the rest of the fresh product
  • It doesn’t dry quickly
  • Very less absorption (maybe because I have an oily skin)

I would definitely try other June Jacobs’ wide range of fruity gel masks.

Skin Laundry Face Wash

Recently tried 2 different face washes from Skin Laundry – Gentle Foaming Face Wash and Hydrating Cream Face Wash.

Gentle Foaming Face Wash Pros:

  • Very gentle fragrance with a light note of citrus
  • Foams with just a pea sized amount
  • Skin feels very clean after use
  • It works on removing makeup as well
  • Can be used as daily Face wash

Hydrating Cream Face Wash Pros:

  • Very gentle fragrance with a light more of citrus
  • Creamy texture which helps moisturize skin
  • Helps remove light makeup
  • Works well when skin is dry
  • Skin feels very soft after use


  • Wish the bottle had a nozzle instead of turning the lid to open and squeezing the bottle for dispensing the face wash

Dove Exfoliating Body Polish

I have heard a lot about how important it is to exfoliate face to remove impurities. Well, the same goes with our bodies; It’s very important to scrub to remove the dead skin cells and polish it at least once a week. Started using Dove Exfoliating Body Polish – crushed macadamia and rice milk past 2 weeks and I have listed some pros and cons.


  • Natural ingredients
  • Beautiful fragrance
  • Not very rough on skin
  • Removes ingrowths
  • Skin feels extremely smooth
  • One box lasts very long


  • Cannot be used on face (too grainy)

They have plenty more variety of body polishes. Choose what suits your skin best!

Versatile fashion – Denim jackets

Have you seen denim jackets everywhere this season? Me too! Well I guess it’s a fashion that never dies. Denim jackets are versatile – could be worn in any season and with any outfit, be it with your jeans, long summer dresses, short spring outfits, and many more. My favorite denim jacket is from Aeropostale.

I paired my favorite denim Aeropostale jacket with a floral skirt from loft (Can you believe I paid just $3 for that skirt?) and a white top from H&M (Again, paid less than $5).

Let me know with what you’d pair your denim jacket?

Here is a link to buy Aeropostale Denim Jacket, the one same as mine — click here

Skin Laundry Daily Moisturizer

A broad spectrum SPF 35 in a moisturizer! Isn’t it amazing! It’s very important to moisturize and apply sun screen especially when it is getting warmer. It has been a month since I started using Skin Laundry moisturizer and I can say it’s great!


  • SPF in a moisturizer
  • Doesn’t have a strong fragrance
  • Hydrates skin
  • It has a matte finish
  • Goes well under makeup
  • Pump applicators are my favorite


  • Though it says it has a non greasy formula, I did observe that my skin turns oily after few hours of application

I think it’s a great moisturizer if you have a normal, combination, or dry skin. For people with oily skin, you may have to keep oil absorbing sheets/blotting paper with you just in case.

You may buy it in Sephora or Ulta or click here

This is their social media: Skin Laundry

Urban Decay Double Team

Here is how you perk up your mood and look by adorning your make up with Urban Decay Double Team Special Effect Colored Mascara. I tried four colors out of their collection of five.

Pink -Junkshow

Teal -Deep end

Gold -Dime/Goldmine

Blue -Gonzo


  • It has two sides/brushes in each color – special effect (shimmer) and cream (Matte finish)
  • Extremely well pigmented, just one application is enough
  • Does not cause lumps and glides on lashes very smoothly
  • Brushes are shaped well and helps spread evenly on lashes
  • If you’re daring enough, you could use it on your brows as well!!!


  • I found it very tough to get it off my lashes (and skin) even with oil based makeup remover
  • Goldmine color is too pale and maybe you could use it with your regular black mascara to perk it up it little bit

Spring and summer is all about colors and I would be sporting these shades with all my outfits!